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Its Wednesday and Queen of Katwe premiered on Saturday, so when I rant today, its not exactly old news!!

So most of us know Timothy Kalyegira or have atleast heard of Him. For those who do not, well he is one of the most re known journalists and brilliant writers in Uganda, he has brilliant work, mostly known for his Facebook page, Kampala Express. and his work with daily monitor.

Of recent he took to social media and slammed the one movie that has made every single Ugandan proud!! He called it an embarrassment!! To the point that when it premiered, he walked out ..take this..following a white woman..after 20 minutes!!  In short he insulted all Ugandans acting in the movie for you know.. being Ugandan!!

You know it’s sad to see a veteran like Kalyegira be stupid. (you are my elder and for this am sorry) but some things need to be said. Honestly why would a Ugandan be so against something typically Ugandan!! If I were to be any angry about this movie, it would be that they had to put Hollywood actors who are not Ugandan to take up lead roles, but I understood that and took a chill pill, after all Phiona Mutesi in the movie was Ugandan. You know, one expects people like Kalyegira to be all about Uganda and the Ugandaness that comes with it, but imagine the disappointment when you finally realise that all along you were being sold BS.  Kalyegira were is your patriotism? were is your love for self? where is your identity? By the way like it or not Kalyegira you are a black man, a Ugandan, and that will never change, despite the number of white women you will keep following in and out of theatres!! You can bleach your skin to a crispy tomato red like that of a your typical European suffering a severe sun burn, change your name to Mr. Jones of Manor farm, better yet you can be Napoleon the sell out or even get adopted by the Queen of England but Sir you will still be Ugandan, same blood will run through your veins, and your burial land will still be some were west of this great land! so deal with it and learn to accept and love your self.

You can actually be my father but I have more sense and love of self than you do and that is extremely sad to the point of pain. This love for foreign cultures and hate of self should be typical of people my age, not veteran seniors and role models of this nation. I respected and loved your work, my late Grand father loved you but he now must be rolling over in his grave so violently that I even pity the poor mans skeletal bones!!

Anyways for as long as my brain, values and ethics are still soundly functional, even a quarter of that functionality, I can never read your work again, because now all I will be seeing is the self hate beneath it, and that’s not my cup of tea and neither is hypocrisy!!! You know Old senseless (again you are my senior in age and am sorry..but its true) people like you are a reason why white people will always treat us like we are beneath them, you put them on a pedestal and then you kneel at its feet and worship them!!!  BUT you know what Kalyegira, Put them there,  however I can assure you that we of this generation will take them off and take back our place…ON TOP OF THAT PEDESTAL, THEN WORSHIP OUR SELVES FOR THE GREAT PEOPLE WE ARE!!


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Pisced Vidah!!

Daily Prompt: Cake

via Daily Prompt: Cake

caketail cupcakes

Are you even kidding me right now!! All I want to do now is to bury my face, Ears deep in cake!! Like all types of cake, every single kind you can think of. Like a CAKETAIL… get it…like  a cocktail of cakes!!! With creamy!!!creamy!! creamy!!! cream and sugary topping. Then pour some chocolate sundae on top,throw some cherries dipped in white chocolate sugar syrup  on there and BAM!! I will be about 5000 calories bigger!!! but ABSOFREAKINLUTELY WORTH IT!!


Meanwhile all this could be the talk of a sugar starved person. Am on a diet BTW.


Love Vidah


Hello Reader.

Two weeks ago I resurrected my blog that I had ignored for a solid two years and the whole reason for this was saving the UNCC. I blogged about it and 64 of you shared and 23 of you read it and honestly I was happy.

However I have come to realise many of us do not know the depth of what exactly is going on, or even the magnitude of what we are bound to lose. It has not yet fully settled in our minds that the UNCC is one of the things that make up Uganda’s very core. Every single Ugandan even those of this generation have a personal story to tell about the National Theatre/UNCC, some more than others but still an overwhelming number of us have attachments to This place and some of these we hold very close to our heart. I For one met my very Good bordering on sister friend there, and now am also horribly crushing on some dude there (SEE VERY VERY PERSONAL INDEED haha).  But on a more serious note when UNCC is “re developed” I can guarantee you that this is going to shake  each and everyone  of us to the very core of who we are.


Any way what is 10 days of UNCC  all about. Simple. I took  Nine core reasons why I think National theatre should not be “re developed” and now I am dedicating a blog day to each single one to expand on them and explain why exactly they are a reason to save UNCC. The 10th day however is today, and  today I will give general knowledge and roles of UNCC.

download (1)
The black, yellow, red and a shield placed before the UNCC structure logo. That shield is a double symbol, it symbolises culture its self and also it being placed before the UNCC symbolises the need to always protect the very culture it symbolises.

So going  to the point, UNCC was established by the UNCC act in 1959 (that was later amended in 1965). It was inaugurated  under the act and it was tasked with three major roles:

  1. Providing and Establishing Theatres and Cultural centres in the country
  2. Encouraging and developing Cultural activities
  3. Providing a home to societies, groups and organisations that deal in Culture, Art and entertainment.


To preserve, promote, popularize and develop Uganda’s Culture and Art through setting standards, building capacity and implementing relevant national policies.


A vibrant institution guided by unity in diversity, integrity and relevance to national development. nourishing, celebrating and promoting Culture and Art.

The Official Website of the Government of Uganda describes the UNCC/National Theatre as a statutory body that is tasked with the responsibility:

  • To preserve, promote and popularize Uganda’s cultural Heritage locally and Internationally.
  • To educate and entertain public through Theatre and Film.

So one may wonder why am i Going through all this mission and Vision Statement mambo Jambo. I mean no one reads this stuff atleast I don’t!!  But my reason is in a very simple question:


What happens to the cultural promotion locally and internationally? What happens to the Heritage it is supposed to protect, promote and preserve? the History embedded in its old wash down walls? the Freedom of diversity it stands for or the freedom to be Ugandan that we all fight for everyday? the Love for nation?  the stories we tell about it or those we were told? And what happens to the  Ugandan Cultural Identity, when the UNCC is gone?!! Where will we stand together as one to say, we may have different ethinic backgrounds but at the end of it all we are one…UGANDA!!  WHERE? So what do we do now? Do we just let it all go, do we just let FIFTY SEVEN years of Ugandan Core Identity  get washed down the drain? Or do we just transfer all this to another theatre that is not even a decade old and does not have a leak of regulatory experience?  WAY TOO MANY QUESTIONS WITH NO ANSWERS!

Whoever speaks on behalf of the “re development” project keeps saying that they are not demolishing the place but redeveloping it however I need you to put this in mind, they do not intent to touch the UNCC whatsoever, but instead build a massive Mall/ offices/ apartments twin tower building in the parking lot and crafts village. At one point we all studied  deforestation and re-afforestation RIGHT? So lets look at it this way:  Mabira is an old and perfectly diversified forest right? So  Scenario one: someone comes cuts down three quarters of the trees and plants pine trees around the quarter left . Keep in mind Pine is as expensive as hell so that is  guaranteed monetary value after and for a long period of time. Scenario two: Some one comes looks for all dead trees in Mabira (which I must say that being an old forest are many) cuts them down and replaces them with Pine but  at the same time leaves the other trees in place. At the end of the day, who will benefit more? I think it’s scenario two cause he Preserves and develops at the same time!!

NOTE: Pine forests Unlike our Mabila have no base value  whatsoever I MEAN THEY ARE ALLERGIC TO AIR POLLUTION. Isn’t that the whole value of trees, you know take in the bad and give out the good??  I mean people cut down pine trees every day and no one cares but Cut down Mabila and Indians will die!!

Day #1  lets think about this. and Day #2 we shall look at HISTORY: HOW 57 YEARS  OF OUR  HISTORY ARE GOING DOWN THE DRAIN!!!







A simple TV show created by the genius GEORGE RR MARTIN, and honestly considering the craze this Show has put me  and a bunch of other crazed up  fans out there through, I believe it is safe to say that there is absolutely nothing simple about GAME OF THRONES!!

Honestly I do not go a day without juicing on G.O.T tidbits and and wishing with at most passion that 26TH JUNE 2017 gets here fast enough. So now since writing is my vent I will collect all weekly G.O.T news and make my crazy report here.


  • Bran Stark will Warg into a dragon!
  • Bad Girls (like me and cause of this, I have never been more proud) Go to Castle Black…WITH JON SNOW!!
  • Jon and Deanerys Likely to meet?
  • House Stark slowly becoming the strongest house in G.O.T!!

Last week am checking my Facebook and I see this. BRAN

I was like wait a minute…noooo wayyyyy….. For us who follow we all know Bran is now the black eyed raven and he can warg,  he warged into Hodor which kinda ended into his death..(I loved Hodor). However him warging into a dragon cannot kill the dragon right!!  So he may never walk again thanks to the Lannisters but HE WILL FLY!

Then I even loved God more because normally we are told we are going to go to hell for being bad girls. However this time around God has an even “WORSE” Punishment. Go to Castle Black with JON SNOW. Ohhhhhh the things I would do!!

Sooo Glad am BAD

On to the next. Jon Snow and Deanerys Likely to meet. we who watch all know that these two are actually related, she is his aunt or something. Snow may still be  a Snow since he is still a Bastard but he is a Damn Targaryen and  in the final episode of Sn 6 Snow was pronounced King in the North ignoring his Bastard status, I believe that was GRRM way of proving to us that if he can take over the North being a Snow he can definitely take the Iron Throne being a Targaryen Snow. So this leaves two Targaryens….the ice, Snow  and the fire, Dragon Mother Deanerys. Well lets wait and what happens see when Ice and Fire meet!!! but will it be peace between the two or a full fledged war to save westeros, as much as I hate it, i have to believe it is a war…..(but this for later)


The three Dragon Riders  who could they be?

The Dragon has three Heads, WHO ARE THEY???


Of course Daenerys on Drogon….but who rides the other two. BRAN, TYRION or JON!!! lets wait as for me I want Starks to ride the other two. I love you Tyrion so much but…I love Starks more.



We all know for six seasons now, the Starks have been the weakest, beloved? YES!  but Weak. their Head was killed in season 1. and they were scattered around Westeros. In season 3 every single standing Stark  was killed by Walder Frey leaving only Arya, Sansa,and Jon who were each weak and lost in their own right. how ever at the end of Sn 6. Jon is King in the North, Sansa at his right hand and we all know she is going to take over the North since Jon has to go South. Arya is a skilled assassin now.. I mean “The girl” killed Walder frey ( at his own party in his home) and left with no one being the wiser. and I have to mention the irony of him being protected by the Lannisters.

Speaking of Lannisters, Cercei is now Queen of Westeros, but with Danny on her way with Three dragons and a horde of all Dothraki tribes as one….ohh she ain’t staying there….



And for you all who don’t watch G.O.T “what you don’t see”  strongly advises you to!!!



Hello again!!

I sure hope your weekend went well because mine put the extreme in extremely well and unless you were in the places I was, then yours did not go as awesome as mine did. I promise.. JUST  take my word for it.

Well Friday night was fun, after my very painfully (due to the work outs) and yet very awesome salsa class with the Latin Flavor group at the National theatre I headed to Alliance Francaise for the Contemporary night where I was served with amazing performances from different contemporary dances like Oscar, Walter Ruva  and so on but just to name a few.

Now if you have ever fought a losing battle against your own personal demons, and have never given up despite the pain, the loss, the struggle, the bleakness and the total loss of will that is bound to follow a losing a fight, this RRRRRRRHH piece choreographed  by Catherine Nakaweesa would have spoken volumes to you and I assure you, you would have appreciated the genius of her mind, and if you are as sentimental as I am you would have watched the dancers, Robert and Brovin move and all you would see is yourself and your demons….. well you needed to be there to see what I feel.

An artist, a real one, does not have to jump and scream for an audience to be entertained!!! And this I learned from the AKELLO UNVEILING show at Pyramids on Saturday. MAN OH MAN!! I have attended shows and gone places, but this was the MOTHER. Ya’ll people from Gulu need to celebrate your northern soil for bringing forth the Gem Akello is. Speaking of which there were these printed T Shirts and one of them read, “GOD IS FROM GULU” and honestly I was inclined to believe that God is indeed from Gulu for with people like Akello coming from there, then God has to be from there.



Any ways before Akello did her thing, we had to first appreciate the genius of the KAWA Acapela Quartet,  a group of four church boys who are definitely going on men in the near future given the bass that was their voice…. Amazing performance to classic gospel music.

Then came the amazing guitarist and voice mogul. OK I know I say that I don’t scream at musicians you know that groupie kind of screaming, but I will gladly be a groupie for this dude,  man I cant wait to see the NAKI video. I swear to God I have forgotten his name but believe you me by the time he was done singing, you and I would be in the same boat!! I just officially call him NAKI now. Cause seriously, who wouldn’t not after the way way he sang the hell out of that song.

NAKI!!! I know not your name, but i promise when I am over the star struck phase  I will learn your name.. I sure hope it is soon but I don’t think so!!

You know, when you unveil a bride and your breath gets stuck in your throat because she is like really really beautiful…you all married saps (and I mean this in a totally good way) know the feeling. Anyway, now imagine unveiling a bride who is like 150% above standard beauty, and saying that will still be an understatement for I swear to God Akello took the stage with a band that had a perfect bled of western and African percussion and all I could think was I am in  15th century Africa. Then Akello sang and I was definitely not in 21st century Africa where you know singing is some dread locked dude jumping and screaming on stage. (LETS EXCLUDE BOBI WINE HERE, I LOVE THE DUDE AND HE CAN SCREAM AND DREAD ALL HE WANTS)  or some scantily dressed girl or “woman” gyrating around and beating us pictures. (SO YES I AM A PRUDE).

seriously no any wiered picture being beaten but still….very very very …beautiful

As if I wasn’t already having maximum fun already, Akello, and for this I will always love you,  brought my personal favourite.. no hate here guys to ya’ll who sang but this guy, knows what he is doing….I mean he is seasoned in stage and performance and believe you me he didn’t disappoint, and I swear I know his name…SAMUEL IBANDA. The  first time I heard him Sing, I forgot his name too. he was like waayy too good,  and this time around I just sat there dumb struck and watched him do his thing. You might say that it was all about the Luo culture and the Bantu might feel slighted a bit but trust me the Bantu have never been better represented. SO NICE.. that’s the song he sang. (and not the one of David Lutalo) this is a way better different song, was a band percussion blend and Sam can dance Masoga people… like i said you really needed to be there!!! Ayy Sam!  Well you had me there, But then again, when have you not!!

And if you think am telling lies about Sam here, then got to the national theater on 31st Aug 2016, and you will see what I mean. I can guarantee that!!


We were then treated to the best Gospel song of the year buy Lexi…..this guy. sorry but these guys were too good i just forgot their names.

If you know him you know the song…it has an Acholi chorus….and goes something like “Okiliza otya okulaya ensi nofirwa omwoyo gwo!!”

And to round it off our gem took the stage again sang songs amazingly like ayyyy oh mamme.(THIS IS NOT A SONG TITLE, I REPEAT NOT A SONG TITLE, JUST AND EXCLAMATION) with our troupe dancers,  Aludah the DJ didn’t fail to please with his 90’s music…maaann people are old!! I didn’t know these songs and some audience people like Micheal Ross and Daniel Omara ( the MC/ Events coordinator and humour specialist as he insisted we call him)  knew these songs lyric to lyric which makes me think the only reason I enjoyed this so much is because am probably old in the head. I mean all people my age were off beating people pictures and watching dreadlocked guys scream in hoarse voices on stage. (TASTE AND PREFERENCES: THAT’S GOD’D FAULT)

Anyways let these say the rest

…..And more fun…..

Some might say that in a rich culturally gifted country like Uganda, only a few genres of culture were represented, however just think this..with the continued degradation of culture from all over Uganda, despite the richness, it is fading out, the new generation, which is sadly being taught by the generations before it who are supposed to know better, is less concerned about culture and are busy promoting everything that has nothing to do with Africa. A parent will sooner take a child to learn a violin or cello before he takes them to learn an Adungu or xylophone. So when a few come up and present a culture show that is Luo based I will stand behind them despite my Bantu origin.  I am not against western music, but I say don’t 100% replace our Traditional drum with the DRUMS!!!  And by the way that was the beauty of the UNVEILING show, It was a perfect blend and balance between our tradition and that from the west.


And for those who didn’t, well “WHAT YOU DON’T SEE” is here for you!!! and will always be.







When I say National Theatre, what exactly comes to your head, what do you envision? I know most of you see an old wash down place that Uganda just cant seem to pinch off! but faced with its loss and a strategy to demolish it and build apartments and offices for ministers MPS and the rich …most probably indians (NO RACISM WHATSOEVER) you might want to think again and look at what we are bound to lose!!! I for one picture the loss of Heritage, Culture, Arts, History, Love, freedom, unity, spirit, and if you have been to the theatre and worked there like i have, you are bound to have PAN Africanism as one of the things that comes to your head that will be replaced by twin towers and the greatest of all  JOBS!!

 Well on friday last week, a team of some  architectural “Geniuses” showed up with this mega dynamic plan to “develop” the National theatre, I mean 3D plans and all!! And these geniuses THOUGHT to build the Dubai floating twin towers in the parking lot and Art culture village while  the National Theatre stays in position is a brilliant idea. We should also keep in mind that the buying body is totally unknown however its safe to say that the artists who occupy this place, well their home was sold out from under them.

So honestly  is it worthwhile to extend more offices and apartments in an important national landmark like the national theatre.!! The NT is home to many people ARTISTS, BUSINESSES, TOURISTS and so on and now we are to lose it so the ministers and MPs have other offices and the rich have better apartments. I mean the 64bn cars  while the nation starved and had no drugs in hospitals was not enough?  Now they come for the upcoming artist who was using the theatre as a stepping stone!! What happens to the thriving crafts businesses in the craft village, what happens to the movie crews and actors that use it as a premier venue? and the musicians and we the audiences? the budding dancers and the dance class teachers? what about the tourists, i mean if they wanted to see twin towers they would have gone to Dubai wouldn’t they?  SO ministers and MPs the dead cancer patients were not enough for you, now you say the Artists need to starve to death too???

Any ways they say they will keep the theatre in position and build even three more BUT what happens when a minister in the building or a rich indian renting the pent house says “there is too much noise from the theatre!!” and then what? we get displaced??

We stood and said no when it came to Mabira, we fought, we protested. Its time to rise again Uganda, we are being robbed again and this time of even a lot more that we can comprehend.