When I say National Theatre, what exactly comes to your head, what do you envision? I know most of you see an old wash down place that Uganda just cant seem to pinch off! but faced with its loss and a strategy to demolish it and build apartments and offices for ministers MPS and the rich …most probably indians (NO RACISM WHATSOEVER) you might want to think again and look at what we are bound to lose!!! I for one picture the loss of Heritage, Culture, Arts, History, Love, freedom, unity, spirit, and if you have been to the theatre and worked there like i have, you are bound to have PAN Africanism as one of the things that comes to your head that will be replaced by twin towers and the greatest of all  JOBS!!

 Well on friday last week, a team of some  architectural “Geniuses” showed up with this mega dynamic plan to “develop” the National theatre, I mean 3D plans and all!! And these geniuses THOUGHT to build the Dubai floating twin towers in the parking lot and Art culture village while  the National Theatre stays in position is a brilliant idea. We should also keep in mind that the buying body is totally unknown however its safe to say that the artists who occupy this place, well their home was sold out from under them.

So honestly  is it worthwhile to extend more offices and apartments in an important national landmark like the national theatre.!! The NT is home to many people ARTISTS, BUSINESSES, TOURISTS and so on and now we are to lose it so the ministers and MPs have other offices and the rich have better apartments. I mean the 64bn cars  while the nation starved and had no drugs in hospitals was not enough?  Now they come for the upcoming artist who was using the theatre as a stepping stone!! What happens to the thriving crafts businesses in the craft village, what happens to the movie crews and actors that use it as a premier venue? and the musicians and we the audiences? the budding dancers and the dance class teachers? what about the tourists, i mean if they wanted to see twin towers they would have gone to Dubai wouldn’t they?  SO ministers and MPs the dead cancer patients were not enough for you, now you say the Artists need to starve to death too???

Any ways they say they will keep the theatre in position and build even three more BUT what happens when a minister in the building or a rich indian renting the pent house says “there is too much noise from the theatre!!” and then what? we get displaced??

We stood and said no when it came to Mabira, we fought, we protested. Its time to rise again Uganda, we are being robbed again and this time of even a lot more that we can comprehend.




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